Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’s best if I never leave room 7 - Ricky Geltch

Luna’s Castle is a full on maddhouse. Making our way to Casca Veijo, we arrived hearing and reading stories about the place, but had no idea until we set in. For $13 a night we were presented with: Free breakie, a movie theater, $1 beers upstairs, free wi fi, beer garden connected to the Relic Bar (public bar that serves 50c beers and $1 spirits in happy hour) and keys to our beds in Room 7...


We joined forces with a pretty solid Aussie crew, where we turned Luna’s Castle into Luna’s Circus for about 3 days. Thursday, Friday, Saturday we turned things up, enforcing an Aussie influence on the rest of the Hostel.

Things really escalated up on Saturday. Hitting the beers most of the day, we rounded up the troops to Room 7 late in the afternoon to get right down to business. A few hours of getting full on, and a session of beer bongs at happy hour, about 10 of us followed a few local girls lead to a local club ‘The Loft’. Definitely out of place, but too loose to care, we hit the DF hard, using smooth Spanish compliments and ripping dance moves to try our hand at possies of local chickas. Some had luck, some got served, but eventually the gringo domination of the club cleared out about half the locals, leaving us to dominate. Last at the club, Ricky and I eventually made it back to Luna’s with a couple of Irish girls from the hostel, telling us about their first encounter with Ricky, Room 7 and a conversational lover - funniest shit ever...

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  1. Hey Man! Jason here, Im the Manager over at Lunas. It was killer having you guys here. You all really rocked the hostel. Do me a favor and send me some of the pics if you could at managelunascastle@gmail.com. Id appreciate it. You guys are welcome back anytime Bud!